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Sand Mountain Sermonette 10

Second Chronicles 7:14

Uncle Jimmy and the “Little J”

My mother had five siblings; three sisters and two brothers. One day the revival came to Hustleville, Alabama, and something rather special and rather humorous would happen involving mother’s brother Jimmy, when he was a little boy. Their mom, my Mamaw Iris, had taken them to the revival one evening and the preacher was preaching strong! After the sermon was over, the preacher gave an altar call and little Jimmy walked down to the front. Now that was a good thing and it was such a good thing that he ended up coming down five times before the service ended! After the service was over, the preacher told my grandmother that he believed Jimmy was ready to be baptized down at the creek that following “Baptism Sunday.” But my grandmother said in reply, “No, preacher, I don’t think he’s ready.”

Now, it’s important to know that the creek the preacher was referring to was just a short distance down the bluff from my mom’s home, a very familiar spot to the family. The locals had divided up the creek by using two names: The deeper section was called the “Big J” and the shallower part where the baptisms were performed was called the “Little J.” So, on Baptism Sunday when mother’s family walked down to join the preacher and the crowd that had gathered, little Jimmy saw the water and jumped in and started to have himself a grand old time splashing around in the swimming hole. The preacher immediately turned to my grandmother and said, “Iris, he’s not ready.” Is it possible they renamed the “Little J” the “Little Jimmy?”

Is there a grand design and delight of God that results in passionate authentic revival in the hearts of people and churches? Yes, there is, and it begins as all true revival begins, among God’s people as they repent of sin and turn to God in prayer. It is found in Second Chronicles 7:14, and it reads/prays: “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Wow! Our sovereign God rules and yet he has given us a condition that when followed, will offer these results according to God’s faithfulness! “If My people…then…” Our part is to simply follow the directions! Come Holy Spirit, send revival to our hearts!

Pastor Louie