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Immanuel, God with Us

Matthew 1:22-23 Now all this took place that what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet might b

Of all the names given to Jesus, this name, foretold through Isaiah the prophet hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, captures the essence of the incarnation, Gods coming to earth as a human, in the flesh, through the birth of His Son. So, what is the significance of Immanuel for you and for me this Christmas?

Simply and profoundly that the transcendent God who created the universe can be known and experienced personally, right now, and forever! Paul tells us in his letter to the Philippine Christians, that Jesus chose to leave His place in heaven and, and although remaining fully God, be born in the flesh as a little baby, one who cooed and cried, and walked as a toddler, and ate real food, and drank real water and breathed real air just like we do, and who died on a Cross for the forgiveness of Sin.

This Christmas you may feel that you are all alone, misunderstood, unforgiven, or rejected by someone you never thought would betray you. The Good News is that Jesus Christ, our Immanuel, identifies not only with your disappointment and pain, but the feelings that accompany the hurt! Hebrews 4:14-16, encourages the Christian to boldly and confidently enter God’s presence through Jesus who, as our Great High Priest, understands you and cares for you! Immanuel, God with Us, felt the pain and rejection from His own people, and yet He willingly and joyfully went to the Cross so we could be forgiven our Sin and made right with God now and forever! Jesus is Christmas come to earth!
Have you unwrapped and received the Jesus gift of love, full pardon, and forgiveness this Christmas Season? He was born for you!

The Savior of Israel and My Savior, Too!
Pastor Louie