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After Easter

Romans 8:10-11 And if Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is al

I can honestly tell you that on most occasions in my 26 years of ministry, there has been quite a drop in worship attendance the Sunday following Easter Sunday. Now, there is no doubt as to the wonderful blessing to be received when attending church to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday, but nevertheless, it can be rather sad to witness such a drop in attendance the following week. And yet, may we allow Paul to challenge each one of us to the deeper spiritual truth that lies at the bottom of this illustration. A challenge that encourages each one of us to the reality of the resurrection and the daily life of the believer.

Paul is writing to the Roman Christians of his day, on the radical transformation that takes place in the life of the believer enabling him or her to walk daily as a new Spirit man or Spirit woman in Christ! Therefore, the believer is no longer controlled by the flesh nor guilt and condemnation, because the Spirit of the living Christ lives inside that Christian, empowering that believer with the same power form on High that raised Jesus from the dead! Now that is something to cause us to fill our churches to overflow every Sunday, but God tells us to go outside our church and tell others of the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Read Romans 8:16 and notice the spirt and Spirit relationship Paul addresses in this verse, and be encouraged these days after Easter!

Looking forward to Easter each day!

Pastor Louie