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An Old Country Well

Genesis 26:25 So he (Isaac) built an altar there, and called upon the name of the Lord, and pitched

I loved my grandmother Iris! She was my maternal grandmother, and I could not wait to go to her house in the country for a visit when I was a little kid. Her back yard was filled with adventure and mystery. Especially the old well. I loved to slide the old metal lid over to one side and yell down the hole, and then draw up some of that good old cold well water to drink, especially on a hot summer day in Alabama!

In our passage for today, Abraham’s son Isaac and his family are living near the southern coast of the Mediterranean in the land of Abimelech, King of the Philistines. Isaac has become wealthy and Abimelech’s servants have grown jealous of this foreigner living in their land so they proceeded to fill up wells that had been dug by his father, 97 years earlier. And at a place named Beersheba, we read of Isaac digging a brand new well.
Sometimes God calls us to dig a new well even in the midst of an old problem. A new attitude, a new relationship. How can we do that? Note today’s Scripture. Build, call, pitch, and dig. Think of taking your problem to God in His Word. Build an altar (worship Him). Call on Him in prayer and claim promises in God’s Word that address your problem. Pitch your tent like Isaac did (abide in the Lord’s presence). And, dig (take action, keep drawing fresh water every day from the Bible)!

May Living Waters Overflow!
Pastor Louie