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The Lifter of My Head

But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the One who lifts my head. Psalm 3:3

Have you ever faced a giant in life? One who is so much bigger and stronger than you; whose motive is to keep your eyes off of God and on the set of circumstances appear to be insurmountable at the time?

I played left offensive tackle on for the Albertville Aggies Junior High football team in my home town of Albertville, Alabama, in the early 70’s. I remember one particular Saturday practice when coach “Puny” Jolley had the lineman practice their blocking on defensive members of the team. My opposition was bigger, older, and stronger than me, and he kept using his forearm to knock me into the dirt every time I tried to block him. Now it just so happened that I was privileged to be playing on the same team with David and “Charley” Hannah whose older brother, “Big” John Hannah, was playing for Bear Bryant and the Crimson Tide at that time, and who had come to watch his brothers practice. Well, it didn’t take long until “Big” John let me practice a few blocks on him (and he wasn’t even wearing pads)! He told me this, “Louie, you’re looking down when you block your opponent!” “Look up when you block and it will make a difference!” And you know what? It did make all the difference! And from that time on, that other kid wasn’t able to knock me to the ground!

In this Psalm, King David’s son, Absalom was after him! Even in the midst of family trouble, keep your eyes on Jesus! And remember, no matter how big the opposition may appear, your God is the lifter of your head and He is greater than any opposition you may face!
Pastor Louie