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Thriving in the Desert

And the whole congregation of the sons of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. Exodus 16:2

This morning I begin an annual week long adventure that began over twenty years ago, and that being to serve as one of the Elementary camp chaplains for a week during summer camp at the Warren Willis Methodist Children’s and Youth Camp in Leesburg, Florida. Each year the camp centers around an object and a theme used for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to young people. This year’s theme is Thriving in the Desert and the object of attention is the cactus.

Each night I will develop a particular theme applied to children of course, and yet pertinent to all children of God. The verse above is set in the context of the children of Israel’s arriving at the wilderness of Sin one month after having left Egypt. And already we see how the Israelites were grumbling against their God-appointed leaders, Moses and his brother Aaron reflective of their lack of trust in God!

Tonight at chapel, the children and I will consider naming our deserts; those dry places in our lives. Perhaps some of these children have lost a loved one or their parents are separated by divorce. Whatever it may be, we often grumble when we are in a dry place in life, and yet Jesus calls us to allow Him to begin to replenish and restore our walk with Him. Yes, Jesus can even use the driest of deserts to turn our grumbling into thanksgiving and praise for His presence and for His provision. Are you ready to name your desert before the Lord and allow Him to work in your life this very day? I will share Tuesday through Friday night’s themes in the weeks to come.
In Christ’s Name and Power!
Pastor Louie